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 I'm continually searching worldwide for the best makers of leather belt straps I can find.

Depending on where you live, and if needed, I'll connect you with a belt strap maker in Paris, London, the U.S. or Tokyo.

It's a simple process but takes some going back and forth. You'll need to see leather samples, etc.

I do this as a courtesy. I don't have any connection with the belt strap makers other than suggesting which one may meet the needs of the buckle buyer. Whatever goes on between the buckle buyer and the strap maker is a separate transaction and outside my control.

It's a custom process ...and when you have the finished result in your hands, you'll never go back.


Beatrice Amblard, April In Paris

Beatrice Amblard, April In Paris

April In Paris is the boutique and workshop of master leather artisan Béatrice Amblard. The sleek, sun-drenched location on colorful Clement Street is well known to Bay Area devotees for its extraordinary custom accessories. All items are handcrafted using centuries-old traditional methods, and every item is one-of-a-kind.

French born Amblard has more than 30 years of experience in her uncommon trade. She was just 16 when she enrolled in the prestigious Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris. Immediately after graduation, Amblard was hired by Hermes in Paris as an apprentice leather artisan. In 1987, Hermès invited her to San Francisco as an “Ambassador” to their newly opened San Francisco boutique. Amblard was only the second Hermès employee to work in the U.S. After working on the infamous “Kelly” bag and designing custom leather goods for fourteen years, Béatrice launched her own line, April in Paris at a South of Market workshop. She quickly built up a loyal following and in 2000, Amblard expanded her business and opened a boutique and workshop on Clement Street. Béatrice is the only Hermès artisan designing under her own label, as well as owning her own boutique, in the United States.




I've looked for a world class leather artist in Europe who understands the importance of the belt as an accessory. I found Louis Chelli, a master of leathers. As you can see in the photo, my buckles look great on  his belts. A Euro Zone client no longer has to hassle with the  difficulty of picking up a belt in the United States...Louis will make one for you.

  Louis Chelli - Sellier Maroquinier - Paris   



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