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Kind Words


I’m sitting here in my wife’s beautiful garden mounting your buckle art onto Bill’s magnificent belts. I now have a maroon alligator Metro, a Catalina and ostrich, and I’ve switched out one of the new Catalina 'Specials' onto an existing shark.

I wore the 1.5 " Metro yesterday when I shopped with my grandson and several highly regarded haberdashers commented on its uniqueness and beauty.

Thank you for devoting your talents and life to creating masterpieces which will be used and enjoyed down through the generations of my family.

Best regards,

H.S., New York


I wanted to let both of you know that I received the belt and both buckles. Everything looks fabulous!

I appreciate your expert craftsmanship, and I am sure I will enjoy the belt for a long time (now I can’t gain any weight, so it always fits!). I may also look at getting another one made, something a bit wider and more casual, to be a good everyday, jeans type, belt.

I will look around on your sites and see what might look good.

Anyways, thanks again!

J.H., California


Mark & Bill,

I have received the belt and it is absolutely divine: the leather and awesome and supple and the finishing is just fantastic. The buckle is truly a piece of art and a sight to behold -- wonder how I managed to survive buying "fine" belts without running into you guys earlier :-) Your craftsmanship is truly a gift and I wish both of you (individually and as a team) all the success in the world.

I will make sure I refer you to my friends who like fine, customized, accessories and I'm definitely looking forward to staying in touch with both of you and hopefully ordering more stuff from you.

Needless to say, if either of you is visiting Houston, please do ping me as I would love an opportunity to meet with you (dinner's on me :) Also, please keep me updated on your product offerings as well.

Best wishes and warmest regards,

 R.J., Houston



Just received the belts today. Absolutely amazing! I couldn't be happier.

The combination of Mark's buckles with your impeccably finished straps is better than anything I've seen for sale in a shop, at any price, and that includes some pretty high-end places.

Thanks so much and I certainly hope to be ordering from you again in the future!

Best regards, 

A.K., San Francisco



I received the buckle and belt this morning from Bill. It looks great! I appreciate the good work!

I've been wearing the 1.5" Metro buckle today and like the feel and curved nature of the design. Might be my favorite buckle!

Again, I appreciate the good work! 

S.L., Texas