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First time orders:

 Most of my business is transacted through Pay Pal. Other than an address, I don't see any personal information. 

Due to the increase of fraud, first time orders will need to be done via a wire transfer unless your being referred by an existing customer. If we use a transfer I'll credit your order $40. for the inconvenience and expense. 

Once we decide on a buckle, I'll send you an invoice by email that will include a link for secure payment.

Depending on where you live, and if needed, I'll connect you with a strap maker in Paris, London, the U.S. or Tokyo. I do this as a courtesy. I don't have any connection with the belt strap makers other than suggesting who may meet the needs of the buckle buyer. Whatever goes on between the buckle buyer and the strap maker is a separate transaction and out of my control.

I’ll send the buckle to you. The strap makers know how to ask questions about proper fit. It’s easy to get the buckle on the belt. Just open the snaps, slip the buckle on, close the snaps.

When ordering from outside the United States, please check your country's regulations regarding the import of precious metal items. 

There are some countries that I cannot ship to.

It is very difficult to meet the regulations for shipping  exotic leather items out of the country. My overseas clients tend to travel and have arranged to pick up their belts, here, in the U.S. Regulations allow you to wear them out of the country. If you have a friend in an Embassy here in the U.S., contact them for any other solutions. Unless you are intending to pick up the completed belt here in the U.S., it is best to ship buckle and belt strap separately to avoid possible Customs difficulties.

Regarding gold buckles:  Gold buckles have become very expensive  for me to produce.  I require full payment upfront for an order. Cancellations, or a return will be charged a 40% restocking fee      

1 360 643 1535