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Belt Buckles for sale  ....   Buckles By Name

Belt Buckles for sale....Buckles By Name

Find out what I'm working on ....   Newsletter

Find out what I'm working on.... Newsletter


  Each year, working by myself, I hand make a limited number of belt buckles. I don't rush anything. I deliberate over designs for a very long time. My buckles look handmade. I want them to reflect the craftsman that I am.

  Sometimes, I keep a buckle design in production for years. Sometimes, I make only one. I do custom work but there is a wait for it that can be frustrating for the client. 

  Except for diamonds, I use only lab grown sapphires and rubies. Natural stones are subjected to so much trickery to enhance their value that I have abandoned them. The lab grown are cut perfectly, I can match them easily and they are as beautiful as the natural. Another advantage: no guilt associated with them.

  The silver and gold I use are purchased from one of the oldest refineries in the U.S., both are recycled.

  Named  BEST OF THE BEST  for belts in 2007 by the Robb Report.

  I've been working as a professional for several decades. There is a good sized body of my metalwork out in the world.

  I really like the idea that my work is both decorative and functional. 

  Thanks to all of you who have purchased buckles over the years and kept the dream going. It makes me feel great to know my belts are being worn everyday in so many  locations across the planet... Holding pants up in the most stylish way possible...!  Let's keep in touch...




I wanted to let both of you know that I received the belt and both buckles. Everything looks fabulous!

I appreciate your expert craftsmanship, and I am sure I will enjoy the belt for a long time (now I can’t gain any weight, so it always fits!). I may also look at getting another one made, something a bit wider and more casual, to be a good everyday, jeans type, belt.

I will look around on your sites and see what might look good.

                                                                Anyways, thanks again!

                                                                J.H., California   .....more kind words